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Advisory Committee
Arab Genomic Studies
  • Najat Rashid
    CAGS Executive Board
    Director, Directorate of Medical Laboratories, Ministry of Health, UAE
  • Giovanni Romeo
    CAGS Executive Board
    Director, European School of Genetic Medicine
  • Mouza Al-Sharhan
    CAGS Executive Board
    Consultant and Head of Department of Histopathology, Dubai Hospital, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai
  • Rabah M. Shawky
    CAGS Executive Board
    Professor, Society of Human Genetics, Medical Genetics Center, Faculty of Medicine, Ain-Shams University, Egypt
  • Anna Rajab
    CAGS Executive Board
    Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Head of Genetic Blood Disorders Unit, Directorate General of Health Affairs, Ministry of Health, Oman
  • Hanan Hamamy
    CAGS Executive Board
    Professor of Human Genetics currently affiliated with the Department of Genetic Medicine and Development at Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland
  • Habiba Chaabouni
    CAGS Executive Board
    Professor, Laboratory of Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine of Tunis; Service of Hereditary Disorders, Hospital Charles Nicolle, Tunisia
  • Aida I. Al Aqeel
    CAGS Executive Board
    Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  • Sadika A. Al-Awadi
    CAGS Executive Board
    Director and Consultant, Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre, Ministry of Health, Kuwait