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Executive Board of the CAGS
Arab Genomic Studies
Habiba AlSafar
Director of Khalifa University Biotechnology Center and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Habiba AlSafar is an Emirati research scholar who has a wealth of professional and educational experience that includes a Doctorate in Philosophy in Forensics and Medical Sciences from Western Australia, a Masters Degree in Medical Engineering from United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from United states of America. Her research interest is constructing the genomic structures of individuals of Arab descent to identify genomic segments that carry gene(s) that predispose to disease. Specifically, addressing diseases that are increasing in prevalence amongst the local communities of the UAE. Habiba was one of outstanding Arab women scientists to win the International L'Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science. Alsafar was awarded the UAE first honor model from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for being one of the pioneer in her field. Alsafar is a member of UAE science Council since 2016.