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Executive Board of the CAGS
Arab Genomic Studies
Kamal Khazanehdari
Director, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory, Dubai, UAE

Dr. Kamal Khazanehdari is the Director of Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory (MBG Lab) in Dubai, UAE. He completed his postgraduate degrees (MSc 1991 & PhD 1995) in genetics at Birmingham University, UK. He gained Postdoctoral experiences at Birmingham Hartland Hospital, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford University, and Institute of Child Health, UCL (1996-2000). Moved to Dubai (2001) as a senior scientist to establish a genetic section at CVRL. In 2003, he became the Head of Molecular Biology and Genetics which he later transformed it into a state-of-the-art research facility known as MBG Lab at its new location in 2006. MBG Lab is an accredited centre supporting scientific research and diagnostic services to human healthcare and animal welfare centres, across the region. The recent addition of NGS platforms and bioinformatics pipelines have expanded these services to Genomics and Metagenomics investigations.