Cataract 47

Alternative Names

  • CTRCT47
  • Cataract, Juvenile, With Microcornea
  • Cataract, Juvenile, With Microcornea And Glucosuria, Formerly
  • CJMG, Formerly
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WHO-ICD-10 version:2010

Diseases of the eye and adnexa

OMIM Number


Mode of Inheritance

Autosomal dominant

Gene Map Locus



A rare autosomal dominant association characterized clinically by juvenile cataract associated with bilateral microcornea, and renal glucosuria without other renal tubular defects.  [From Orphanet]

Epidemiology in the Arab World

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Subject IDCountrySexFamily HistoryParental ConsanguinityHPO TermsVariantZygosityMode of InheritanceReferenceRemarks
612018.1Saudi ArabiaUnknown Developmental cataractNM_213606.4:c.404C>THeterozygousAutosomal, RecessivePatel et al. 2017
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