Cataract 15, Multiple Types

Alternative Names

  • CTRCT15
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WHO-ICD-10 version:2010

Diseases of the eye and adnexa

OMIM Number


Mode of Inheritance

Autosomal dominant

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Mutations in the MIP gene have been found to cause multiple types of cataract, which have been described as 'polymorphic,' progressive punctate lamellar, cortical, anterior and posterior polar, nonprogressive lamellar with sutural opacities, embryonic nuclear, and pulverulent cortical. [From OMIM]

Epidemiology in the Arab World

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Subject IDCountrySexFamily HistoryParental ConsanguinityHPO TermsVariantZygosityMode of InheritanceReferenceRemarks
615274.1Saudi ArabiaUnknown Nuclear cataract; Juvenile onset; Microc...NM_012064.4:c.530A>GHeterozygousAutosomal, DominantPatel et al. 2017
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