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CAGS showcases the CTGA Database during virtual lecture at ‎the Lebanese American University
The Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS), ‎one of the centers of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ‎Award for Medical Sciences, presented a virtual lecture on the ‎Revamped CTGA Database to around 30 Medical research ‎professionals from the Lebanese American University (LAU).‎
The talk introduced the relevance of public genomic variant ‎databases, especially in the context of Arab variant data. The ‎lecture then went on to describe the Catalogue for Transmission ‎Genetics in Arabs database maintained and curated by CAGS, its ‎features and structure, data entry process, and finally the ‎attendees were given a brief overview of the analysis of the ‎Lebanese data within the database.‎
Dr. Andre Megarbane, CAGS Arab Council member and faculty at ‎the LAU said '' "I believe that the CTGA database offers a very ‎valuable resource to genetic and genomic researchers in the ‎region and I'm very glad that we were able to showcase the ‎CTGA Database to our research teams. I am sure that the ‎researchers who attended the lecture will use the database ‎within their research as well as contribute with more Lebanese ‎data as they are published, so that we continue to update the ‎map of genetic disorders in Lebanon."‎
Dr. Mahmoud Taleb Al-Ali Director, CAGS  stressed ''The CTGA  is ‎a reference for doctors and specialists in the field of human ‎genetics to help them diagnose diseases accurately and quickly ‎and make the appropriate treatment decision based on accurate ‎and constantly updated data, available to everyone for free."‎
‎''CAGS has always been keen to cooperate with institutions ‎concerned with the field of human genetics inside and outside ‎the country, and to work on exchanging all developments with ‎specialists to work on advancing the field of scientific research in ‎general and human genetics in particular.'' he added.‎
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