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CAGS participates in The 8th Kuwait International Genetics Conference
The Centre of Arab for Genetic Studies (CAGS), a division of the Sheikh ‎Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, participated in the 8th Kuwait ‎International Genetics Conference (KIGC), which lasted from 11th to 13th October 2022 in Kuwait.‎
Sami Bizzari, Researcher at CAGS, stated: “This participation came as a continuation of the vision of ‎the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, of the need to strengthen ways of cooperation with ‎organizations concerned with laying the foundations for sustainable development inside and outside ‎the United Arab Emirates.”‎
He also stressed on the importance of participating in such events that provide the latest details from ‎key regional research projects that would benefit healthcare within the United Arab Emirates.‎
Dr. Laila Bastaki, Director of the Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre (KMGC), and Member of CAGS’ Arab ‎council and President of the Conference said “The past two years have brought upon us ‎unprecedented times of uncertainty and difficulty. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us as both ‎doctors and community members. More than ever, the importance of maintaining a medical ‎community is of utmost importance.”‎
‎“This is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with other members of the ‎genetics, medical and bioinformatics communities."‎
International, regional, and local speakers gathered to provide the latest insights into genomics ‎research and therapies. Keynote lectures included precision health in cancer in the genomics era by ‎Prof. Maurizio Genuardi; disease-modifying therapies and management for Duchenne Muscular ‎Dystrophy by Dr. Andoni Urtizberea; as well as a talk on the Qatar genome ‘from basic research to ‎clinical implementation’, by Dr. Said Ismail. ‎
General topics from the 8th KIGC covered new-born and premarital screening as well as reproductive ‎and clinical genetics. More specific topics involved neurogenetics, with a focus on neuromuscular ‎genetics and therapy, as well as genomics in the region. Complex clinical cases and an update of ‎research data from the KMGC were showcased throughout the congress, which also hosted poster ‎sessions and a large exhibition with various sponsors. The conference ended with junior talks ‎showcasing recent research performed by the young talent at the KMGC.‎
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